Persia (Iran) is a great country which deserve to be united

In the name of God

Many years have passed after Islamic Revolution in Persia (Iran). During this time we establish one of the most radical and successful social changes in the end of 20 century. Our leaders are proud to serve our country and our people deserve to have a united destiny under one flag. I am pleased to announce that all of Persian (Iranian) are proud of their originality and ready to be united. In the beginning of the new millennium our country needs our people to serve their country as united as possible. Many of Persian (Iranian) outside of Persia (Iran) are to be proud even though they accept the reality of becoming a part of new society and are connected with their new countries by nationality or marriage and etc…

They are still proud to be Persian (Iranian). There are at least two generations lived and brought up in new countries after revolution even though they have still a pride in the history and culture of one of the most cultivated ancient civilization. Our Lord Imam Ali is well known as the generous and now we should follow him and forgive and forget. Hereby I would like to invite everyone who love Persia (Iran) and would like to serve their country to be united and join a national unification movement. Our culture and country survive in the darkest period of our history and now there is a unique opportunity to be proud of it and return to our originality. May God bless Persia (Iran) and its beloved ones.

Hootan Dehbonei

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