Egyptian Historical Identity and Treasure belong to not only Egyptian but also to Humanity

In the Name of God

As a Human I am proud of Egyptian and their right to control their destiny. Humanity heard your voice and is most respected by any free human around the world. At the same time I am not in a position to decide for this great nation however as a human I would like to fight for what I believe belongs not only to Egyptian. Hereby I announce a campaign for protecting humanity treasure and civilization’s history. Any human has right to fight for a great Human Civilization’s treasure. Any museum and cultural and historical site in Egypt must be protected by unbiased law enforcement body. If there is any political dilemma in Egypt these treasures should be protected and any free human and Egyptian should protect the Egyptian Identity and Historical Treasure. Hence any lost of these treasures are irreversible and great catastrophe for Egyptian and Humanity.

Just a reminder that I am currently raising funds in support of Egyptian Historical Identity and Treasure belong an organization I strongly believe in and am committed to raising funds for. Please go to and donate or create a pledge page of your own. Every bit makes a difference!

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