What I learn from Persian (Iranian) History?

In the name of God

As Persian (Iranian) I remember the end of Pahlavi Regime and Islamic Republic Revolution. At those days the beauty of passion for freedom smells everywhere. The slogan of those days were Freedom, Independent and Islamic Republic of Persia (Iran). Everybody remember the Regime changed with 98% of votes. What we miss in those days that we repeat the same situation after 33 years. What we miss is a detail in the picture of those days. In those days everyone says if Shah would go the Persia (Iran) will be heaven. At this time we should admit there is different between heaven and reality.

What is the point? The governments come and go but people will not see the real democracy, freedom and Independent. Why? Because we want a thing whose rule of play is not what we play. The rule of democracy is developing and evolving the fundament of society and government base on tolerance and human rights. What we never accept and after a period of 30 years one government goes and another comes without a fraction of change. The determination and peoples’ Will is strong but could be dangerous if does not have any target.

What is outcome of anarchism and vandalism? In best case scenario you change the government and will do it in future 30 years. The real cost of these antisocial behavior is the basic infrastructure and any development if any and other outcomes which achieved in past 30 years. And this vicious cycle will continue.

What is the solution? Play base on the rule of what you would like to achieve. I have already suggested a Persian (Iranian) national unification Movement. In this movement all of voices will be heard and respected by Persian (Iranian) Society and international community. What we need are wise voices of unity and Persian (Iranian) Identity. Our culture is based on Love, Mutual Respect, Human Rights and Inspiration toward better life for us and others. We learn in our history to live and let live.

Hootan Dehbonei

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