Caring for other people isn’t sign of weakens

Today I read this message and I thought myself to share it. As it is very important.

To overcome poverty we need motivation and dedication.

We shall not forget how blessed we are and tried our best to share with others our blessings. Believe me your blessings in your life are privilege not a right. Your situation can change any time and you become the person who needs other people’s Hands to survive. We can take advantage of these blessings and loose our opportunity to save ourselves in the dark time or use our blessings to serve others and save ourselves both in the good and bad days. Even in good time sharing your blessings increase dramatically your happiness because we are social creature and group success guarantees our own success.

What you’ll saw you will reap.

تا توانی دستی گیر و دلی بنواز

که روزی شوی افتاده و دستگیر

I believe any thing you get in the world one day you give it back and any thing you give one day you get it back.

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